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The race description is for all four the same. The four have also a smaller varietie: de Swyzer Niederlaufhound. They have the seem race description, only the hight (30-38 cm) not. De Swyzwer laufhound has a medium size, elastic build dog. He is a bit longer then his hight. The head is long and lean with long, low placed ears. He has a strong hunting sence and a good endurance. A laufhound is a hunting dog with a special good developed smell and hunting passion en a good endurance. That means when there a walks in de "fields" he must be on a leach and and must be watched. the laufhund is a good hunter and will be used in the hunt for hare, deer, the fox and sometimes by the hunt on wild swine. He hunts on his own and when he is following a sent he will let his double call hear. He will find his sent also if the land where he is is heavy.


  • Schwyzer Laufhound: white with red patches or a red blanket

  • Berner Laufhund: white with black patches and tanpattern

  • Luzerner Laufhund: blue with black patches and tanpattern

  • Jura Laufhund (Bruno): black with tanpattern


The hight of a male 49-59cm, the hight of a female 47-57cm.Weight 16- 21 kg. The hair is short and smooth and on the head and the ears realy fine.He has a lot of live in him, spirte full and likes to hunt.